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Group Preet Aikya – Spreading Smiles, Elder First – Comfort, Compassion & Community

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Living units at Elder First are available only on rental long-term stay option.

You need to complete and submit the application form which can be collected from our office. The submitted form will be scrutinized by a screening committee and the information provided, if required, would be verified. You may be asked to undergo a medical examination to verify your medical fitness level. Once the medical examination has been cleared, you can select your unit and an agreement between you and Elder First would be executed.

No. This option is not available at Elder First.

No. All your requirements will be taken care of by the trained staff members of Elder First.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in common areas. However, inside your living unit, it is your personal choice.

Sorry, for the convenience of all residents, we follow a ‘no-pet’ policy at Elder First

All Security Deposits would be refunded through an ‘account payee’ cheque / online payments, drawn in your favour or that of your nominee within seven working days on settlement of accounts. The security deposit would have a minimum lock in period of 6 months.

Couples, as well as, singles are welcome at Elder First.

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  1. Maintenance & replacement, If required, of furniture, furnishing and equipment provided in individual living unit.

  2. F & B Services: Healthy vegetarian food in consultation with our Dietician will be served in the dining room as per timeschedule and fixed menu. Extras (on subsidized payments) can be ordered as per the Ala-Carte Menu. Room service available only in case of medical urgencies.
  3. Wi-Fi Internet connection.
  4. Housekeeping Services: As per House Rules / timings
  5. Personal Laundry of day-to-day wear (limited)
  6. Medical Support: Monitoring of general health and preventive health check-ups by the in-house team every 15 days. All treatments would be on a chargeable basis. Doctors / Physiotherapists / Clinical Psychologist etc. are available on a call and are on chargeable basis.
  7. DTH TV connection (Basic Pack only) Additional channels if any would be charged
  8. 24x7 Security, with CCTV monitoring of public areas.
  9. Overall Facility management.
  1. Personal Medication
  2. Personal Toiletries
  3. Assisted Living support if required / desired.
  4. Treatments / Pathology / Physiotherapy costs of any kind. (Discount tie-ups available)
  5. Any other costs that are not included in the list of services provided above.
Monthly charges and all recurring costs will be indexed and revised as required periodically.They would also be subject to annual escalation.
Yes, you may stay in the unit as per your convenience. For absences exceeding 30 days charges for food and consumables would be payable at 60 percent. However, you would need to pay the Fixed Monthly rental Charges.
Yes you can have personal parties at Elder First on chargeable basis. We also make all arrangements to meet your needs for the day.
Yes. The complete building is Wi-Fi enabled.
The kitchen is operational during fixed times only. Meal timings are fixed, as per fixed menu will be shared in advance. Al–carte orders would be available subject to availability and at subsidized costs.
No. Our kitchen is Vegetarian. However we have arrangements wherein one can order from designated vendors and have non-vegin their respective rooms.
Room service is available only during medical emergencies or under special circumstances.
All units are fully and comfortably furnished. However, personal items of decoration are most welcomewith limitations.
Sure, you can maintain your own car. Parking facility is available outside the facility.
Yes. We have a tie-up with car rental agencythat can provide transport 24x7 on chargeable basis
Your visitors can stay at Elder First Guest Room that has been specifically designed for this purpose subject to availability on chargeable basis.
You need to undergo a medical examination as advised by our screening committee based on a few factors such as general state of health and age. Subsidized cost will have to be borne by the resident / occupant.
Yes. The F&B team plans specific meals, in consultation with dieticians, for diabetic and heart patients.
Medical records are maintained. We have tie-ups with leading hospitals to ensure that our residents have access to immediate and best medical care with special arrangement for emergencies.

Elder First has a healthcare system equipped to administer first-aid for most emergencies. A senior doctor is available on visit and on call basis.

We have on call physical trainers / physiotherapist and a clinical Psychologist. We also have on call tie ups with Dieticians & Nutritionist, Ayurvedic Doctor / Homeopathy Doctor. Each resident will be scientifically assessed for physical, psychological, medical and nutritional needs and programs devised for them

Yes. Each resident vitals like Sugar, B.P., Body weight etc. are periodically monitored, generally every 15 days.
A very high level of manned security, as well as electronic surveillance by CCTVs, is provided 24x7x365. The entire facility is gated with a single 24x7 manned entry / exit point. Further, the Front desk at the property regulates the entry / exit of any visitor at all times.
No. You are free to move out any time you like. The gates would however be locked from 11 pm to 6 am for security purposes.

This FAQ would provide most of the answers. However if you have any further questions kindly do get in touch with us on following coordinates.